Other Maintenance

Leaf Vacuuming:

In the fall, during heavy leaf accumulation, the City contracts to have leaves vacuumed on the resident’s curb on posted dates.

Leaf Pick Up Regulations:

No sticks, branches, or pine needles.

Leaves are to be no further than five feet from the street and piled as high as possible.

Whatever is out by 7am on the day of pick up will be collected.  No additional blowing will be collected.


Snow and Ice Removal:

During snow and ice storms, our contractor works diligently to keep the streets clear. Plowing and salting are done by plan that takes into account traffic patterns, street grade and the number of homes served. Autumn Leaf Drive, Crescent Avenue and Meramec Station Road are considered top priority streets. All other secondary streets are done after the top priority streets have been cleared.  Ordinance 208 requires all vehicles to be parked off the street so snow plow crews are able to do a more thorough job since they do not have to work around vehicles parked on the street as they are difficult to maneuver between and around.  Any vehicle left on the street will be ticketed according to Ordinance 208.

How Do I Prevent a Wall of Snow at the End of my Driveway?  In advance of your driveway entrance, shovel the snow out of the traffic lane.  This will reduce the amount of snow the plow encounters, thereby, reducing the potential for a "wall" of snow at your driveway


Street Light Outages:

If you notice a street light outage on an Ameren, MODOT or City decorative street light, please contact the City Administrator at 636-225-7873.  We keep an inventory of all the tracking numbers on each pole to know who to contact to place a repair order.


Street Sign Replacement:

If there has been damage done to any street sign, traffic sign or City entryway sign or its pole, please contact 636-225-7873 so plans can be made for repair/replacement.


Street Sweeping:

Street Sweeping is done at least four times per year as needed.  Notice will be given to the residents via e-mail and street signage in various places of the City one week in advance of the event.  We ask that all residents try not to park their vehicles on the street during the day of sweeping services.  In case of inclement weather, sweeping will be done the following day.


Tree Trimming/Right of Way Responsibilities:

For a copy of this ordinance, click here

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