PROGRAMS & Services


Mosquito Control Program

The St. Louis County Department of Health helps alleviate the mosquito problems in several different ways:

  • Larviciding
  • Mosquito Disease Monitoring
  • Adulticiding

Read More about the Mosquito Control Program >>


The Board of Aldermen takes pride in the fact that the City pays for all residential refuse, recycling and yard waste pick up for our residents to include bulk and appliance pick-ups.  To learn more about the City's trash program, please click here.

Sewer Lateral Program

The City of Twin Oaks offers residents a Sewer Lateral Repair Program, which works as a reimbursement program to residents/owners in order to help defray the cost of repairing collapsed sewer laterals between the house and the main. Read More >>


Learn about Street Repair and Maintenance >> 

Other Maintenance

Other types of maintenance in the City of Twin Oaks include:

  • Leaf Vacumming
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Street Light Outages
  • Street Sign Replacement
  • Street Sweeping
  • Tree Trimming 

Learn More about Other Maintenance >>

Water Service Line Repair Program

The City offers a Water Service Line Repair Program through St. Louis County,, which pays for the repair of faulty and leaking residential water service lines located on the outside of the house. Read More >>



National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)-Because the Village has become a member of this program, it allows citizens to purchase flood insurance if they so desire. Although no property in Twin Oaks is located in a designated flood plain, this allows our residents the opportunity to purchase if they so desire.  Depending on residential or commercial property, building coverage varies from up to $250,000 for single family residential to $500,000 for commercial property and from $100,000 for contents coverage, which is available to residential renters, to $500,000 for commercial. For more information on this type of insurance, contact your local insurance agent. For more information go to  or



Let your insurance agent know that the City follows the International Code Council’s (ICC) Property Maintenance Code. Because we contract with St. Louis County for these code services, we share St. Louis County’s rating of GRADE 2, which is the highest in the State.  Depending on the insurance company, this could give you a discount on your residential or commercial insurance rates.  There are no requirements that they give you a discount, but there are also no requirements that any citizen can’t shop around for a better deal!   



The City of Twin Oaks has entered into a cooperative agreement with St. Louis County, allowing residents to receive up to $15,000 in low-interest loans for upgrades that improve comfort and reduce energy costs in their homes.  Such improvements include insulation, energy efficient furnaces, central air conditioning, doors and windows. For further details on this program, go to or call 314-615-7017. 

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