Permits and Forms

The City of Twin Oaks requires permits for construction, alterations or improvements to residential and commercial properties. You can find a complete list of the required application forms below.

Detailed information on the City's zoning regulations and requirements may be accessed in our online Code of Ordinances. If you have any questions or need assistance determining what permits your project requires, please contact City Hall at (636) 225-7873. 

Building Permits

Building permits are necessary for most residential and commercial improvements, except for minor repairs. The City of Twin Oaks will issue a Municipal Zoning Approval for all projects needing permits and then send the applicant to St. Louis County, whom we contract with for plan review, issuance of the building permit, and subsequent inspections.

The process to obtain a building permit in the City of Twin Oaks is as follows:

  1. Submit to the City an Application for a Comnmercial or Residential Building Permit along with a copy of your plot plan (showing existing and proposed improvements at scale) and your construction plans. 
  2. Pay the appropriate fee (see section 400.500 of the city code for more detail). 
  3. The City’s code enforcement officer will review your application and return your authorization and approved plans to you. Please allow up to two weeks for this process. 
  4. The authorization and approved plans will then need to be taken to St. Louis County for the building permit and inspections.
  5. St. Louis County will perform the final inspections. Passed inspections are required before any occupany permits may be issued. 

Questions on when a building permit is required for a residential project? Check out this FAQ

Working on a development or new construction? Make sure to consult the City's urban guidelines before preparing your plans. 





(The above forms are in PDF format. You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read or print these out. If you do not already have this free software installed on your computer, you can download Acrobat reader from Adobe.)