2016 Resolutions

  • Resolution No. 106 - A Resolution Amending An Agreement With Gilmore & Bell, P.C., For Special Tax Counsel Services 
  • Resolution No. 107 - A Resolution Relating To Federal Old-Age, Survivors, And Disability Insurance 
  • Resolution No. 108 - A Resolution Of The Board Of Trustees Of The Village Of Twin Oaks, County Of St. Louis, State Of Missouri, Accepting The Abstract Of The Village Election Held On The 5th Day Of April 2016 As Returned To The Village By The Board Of election Commissioners Of St. Louis County And Filling All Trustee Positions As Follows 
  • Resolution No. 109 - A Resolution Adopting A Procedure For Pre-Approval Of Certain Recurring Financial Obligations Of The Village 
  • Resolution No. 110 - A Resolution Declaring The Intent Of The Village To Deliver Certificates Of Participation The Proceeds Of Which Will Be Used To Acquire, Construct, Equip And Furnish A New Village Hall; Amending Resolution No. 80; And Authorizing Certain Other Actions In Connection Therewith 
  • Resolution No. 111-Never enacted.
  • Resolution No. 112 - A Resolution Approving Design Documents And Authorizing Archimages, Inc. To Commence Construction Documents Phase Services
  • Resolution No. 113 - A Resolution Authorizing And Commencing Financing With Eagle Bank And Trust Company Of Missouri And Authorizing Special Tax Counsel to Proceed 
  • Resolution No. 114 - A Resolution Granting A Special Business Permit For 810 Meramec Station Road