2020 Approved Ordinance

  • Ord. #20-01-An Ordinance Approving Additional Revenue, And Amending The 2020 Budget
  • Ord. #20-02-An Ordinance Repealing The Position Of City Administrator/City Clerk
  • Ord. #20-03-An Ordinance Of The City Of Twin Oaks, Missouri, Approving the Finalc Subdivision Plat For Adjusted Lot 1 Of Big Bend Square And directing That Same Be Recorded With St. Louis County Recorder Of Deeds
  • Ord. #20-04-An Ordinance Approving Amendments To Chapter 210 Of The Municipal Code Of The City Of Twin Oaks Pertaining To Legalized Medical Marijuana As Required By Article XIV Of The Missouri Constitution
  • Ord. #20-05-An Ordinance Appointing Frank Johnson City Clerk For The City Of Twin Oaks And Establishing Compensation Therefor
  • Ord. #20-06-An Ordinance Adopting And Enacting A New Code Of Ordinances Of The City Of Twin Oaks; Establishing The Same; Providing For The Repeal Of Certain Ordinances Not Included Therein, Except As Herein Expressly Provided; Providing For The Manner Of Amending Such Code Of Ordinances; Providing Penalty For The Violation Thereof; And Providing When This Ordinance Shall Become Effective
  • Ord. #20-07-An Ordinance Extending The Due Date Of The Annual License Fee For Businesses And Occupations Pursuant To Chapter 605 Of The Code Of Ordinances Of The City Of Twin Oaks
  • Ord. #20-08-An Ordinance Amending Section 140.040, "Employment Policy" To Include Personal Spending Stipend As Employment Benefit As Established By Ordinance No. 423; Setting The Personal Spending Account Benefit Levels For 2020; Repealing Ordinance No. 423; And Related Matters