Crescent Avenue Sidewalk Project

The City of Twin Oaks is currently considering a proposal to build a sidewalk along a portion of Crescent Avenue. The purposes of the sidewalk is to provide a safer route for pedestrians who use the road for walking or jogging or to access Twin Oaks Park via the entrance on Golden Oak Court. 

Project Plans and Estimated Cost

For the last several months, the City has been working with its engineers to develop a plan for the sidewalk. The proposed sidewalk would run on the north side of Crescent Avenue from Crescent Road to Golden Oak Court with much of the sidewalk to be constructed in the existing public right-of-way. You can download the complete plan at the links below:

Based on the plan above, the City is currently estimating the project cost to be $117,177.50. This cost includes a 10 percent contingency but does not include right-of-way acquisition or engineering fees. The project would be paid for using the city's operating budget, without the need for a bond issue or tax increase. 

At a meeting on May 19, the Board voted to move forward with developing construction plans for a sidewalk along a portion of Crescent Avenue, as well as authorizing negotiations for right-of-way acquisition. The City currently estimates that the plans will take six to 12 weeks to complete. 

Previous Sidewalk Plans

Over the last decade, the City of Twin Oaks has explored several options for making the community more walkeable.