Taxes & Revenue Sources


  • Sales Tax (1%)
  • Capital Improvements Tax (.50%)
  • Park and Stormwater Tax (.50%)
  • Additional Sales Tax (.25%)
  • Commercial Property Tax ($0.385 per $100 assessed valuation, 2019)

Other Sources of Revenue

  • Utility Gross Receipt Taxes
  • Intergovernmental Revenue
  • Licensing and Permits
  • State, Federal and Local Grants
  • Miscellaneous Revenue

Revenue Breakdown


Tax Income: Sales/use tax, commercial property tax, etc.

Fee Income: All permit fees, residential sewer lateral program, business/liquor licensing, cell tower lease

Intergovernmental: Motor vehicle taxes, utility franchise fees, cigarette taxes

Other revenue: Accrued interest and miscellaneous income.  

At this time, the City is contracted with St. Louis County and we receive no income associated with traffic court fines/fees.

tax sources