Emergency Preparedness

Are you ready for a real emergency? In the past several years, our community, as well as others around the St. Louis area, has endured a number of outages due to storms and other acts of God. The Board of Aldermen wants you to be prepared in case of a natural or man-made emergency. Guidelines for emergency preparedness which meet government standards is a priority for the safety and well-being of our residents. We hope you and your loved ones will consider putting together emergency kits, defining meeting locations and communications during a crisis.

In the event of an emergency, the first 3 days are critical. The best way for our residents to help the Police and themselves is to be prepared to survive for 3 days on their own while awaiting outside aid. Priority needs for the community include education on forming a 3-day kit and a communication chain.

When considering your 3-day Preparedness Kit, you want to remember not to make it too heavy to carry. Some suggested items to place in a portable bag to be ready to take with you are as follows:

First aid kit with medical prescriptions and special needs

Iodine pills for purifying water or portable H2O filter

Ready-to-eat foods such as peanut butter, canned goods, hard candy, crackers and freeze dried meals

Water-1 gallon per person per day

Sanitation and personal hygiene items-soap, toilet paper, handy wipes and deodorant

Tools-flashlights, water proof matches, knife, can opener, utensils, hammer, prybar and axe

Kitchen items-garbage bags, mess kit, paper towels

Clothes-one change (suitable for the time of year)

Medical-prescriptions and special needs

Family planning list-where to meet if separated and contact person with phone number for someone outside of disaster area

Emergency/weather-radio (batteries or hand crank), portable phone charger and pet food

The second area to be addressed is a Communication Chain. The Neighborhood Watch Program is an excellent way for citizens to stay informed during any emergency. The more residents involved in Neighborhood Watch, the better informed and educated we will remain. If you are interested in beginning a Neighborhood Watch program, please contact the City office at 636-225-7873 or Officer John Wehner at 314-218-5902.

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