Parks & Recreation

Pavilion Reservations

The City of Twin Oaks accepts reservations for the pavilion in the Park. Our park pavilion reservations are on a  "first come, first served" basis and available to book for residents starting on Jan. 1 and for all others on March 1. Reservations are not final until the City receives your application and deposit. 

Access from Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church

Access to Twin Oaks Park from the Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church property or parking lot is prohibited from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. from August 15 to June 1, due to the school at the church being in session. This includes walking through any part of the church property to access the sidewalk that leads into the Park. 

The City asks that residents and visitors to the park please respect these regulations and use the entrance from Crescent Avenue to access the park by vehicle.