Gardening & Forestry Tips

Missouri Department of Conservation

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Davey Tree Aborist Advice

Davey Tree has published some tree tips including care, maintenance and tree trimming advice which can be found on their website. Click here for more information.

Rain Gardens

What is a Rain Garden?

Simply put, a shallow, landscaped depression that naturally slows and filters stormwater runoff (like a living, eco-friendly sponge!).

How Does a Rain Garden Work?

A rain garden is a garden of native shrubs, perennials and flowers in a small depression, which is generally formed on a natural slope.  It is designed to temporarily hold and soak in rain water runoff that flows from roofs, driveways, patios or lawns.  Rain gardens are effective in removing up to 90% of nutrients and chemicals and up to 80% of sediments from the rainwater runoff.  Compared to a conventional lawn, rain gardens allow for 30% more water to soak into the ground. 

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