Sewer Lateral


1381 Big Bend Rd.
Twin Oaks, MO 63021
United States

The City of Twin Oaks offers residents a Sewer Lateral Repair Program, which works as a reimbursement program to residents/owners in order to help defray the cost of repairing collapsed sewer laterals between the house and the main. This is how the program works:

If you think you have a collapsed pipe, contact the licensed plumber of your choice and have him cable and televise the line. Once you have received a video from your plumbing contractor, contact the City Administrator at 636-225-7873. An appointment will be made to review the tape to verify eligibility of the program. Tree roots are not covered under this program. If eligible, the resident hires a contractor to do the repair and then pays for the repair in full. Copies of the actual bill and receipt of payment are then sent to the City Office at 1381 Big Bend Road, Twin Oaks, MO 63021 and reimbursement of up to 75% of the eligible owner's cost of repairs (this reimbursement cap is set by ordinance by the Board of Aldermen and can be changed based on the funds available). Payment will be sent to the resident/owner, along with their submitted video and paperwork.